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I let it happen. Feeling the suggestion, I yielded to impulse and turned around to look at the sky as if someone was speaking to me from the stars. I had no idea why; I just went with it.

An Unexplainable Event

I felt a sense of an energetic impulsion; turning around, I faced the sky behind me and when I looked up, I was absorbed into an experience. This description falls short, but here goes…

Looking up, I made a connection, and my consciousness merged into a vortex or conduit of communication. I perceived it almost like a tunnel. No longer aware of the world around me, I connected with something I might identify as Source or God.

I don’t know, but I guess is this opened me to an energetic pathway through my heart and hands. Interestingly, I exposed my right palm first, then my left, I have no explanation for why this happened. A part of my consciousness observed and questioned why I was unfolding my palms to the heavens and why I chose to kneel on the dune, but I have no answers. It’s interesting to note that my analytic left brain was functioning and questioning during this experience.

Connection To Source

As I knelt on the sand, the energy increased. Every ounce of my attention was enveloped within the connection between myself and Source. It was like looking up a tunnel within which Source and I had merged. Our energies flowed back and forth between us, each supporting, completing, and amplifying the other.

I dissolved into intense euphoria. Additionally, I was overwhelmed in a very profound way. If I could have communicated, I would have told you I was still me; however, I wasn’t aware of my individuated existence in the physical plane. I had merged.

Unbelievable Power

I wasn’t me; I was ‘us.’ Having lost a sense of myself as an individuated human, it’s good that I was on my knees; I’d lost strength and would have fallen if I’d been standing. Completely unaware of my surroundings, my strongest impression was the feeling of being intertwined with an intense energy while feeling peace and perfect alignment.

I vaguely remember falling forward onto my hands and gasping. My body was trying to handle the energy. With my hands on the sand, I regained the strength to lift my torso back into a kneeling position. I suspect my hands acted as a ground and dissipated some energy.

Blown Away

The cycle repeated itself, and I was overwhelmed and fell onto my hands again. That was when Jools touched me. His touch pulled me out of the experience and centered me back into my body. As he helped me to get up, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay in the vortex but I couldn’t form words to communicate this. As I rose unsteadily, I hoped I’d have the energy and the focus to walk.

I can’t explain what happened. There are no words to describe the feeling or the experience fully or accurately. But I can tell you this for sure, I’d do it again.

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