Cosmic Surf Shack

A humorous look at Life, Love, and Space

The Cosmic Surf Shack is best envisioned as a comedic morning drivetime style radio show with a focus on Paranormal, Metaphysical, and Extraterrestrial topics.

Featuring an ensemble cast spanning a very wide spectrum of talents, performance arts, and interests, we will present uncommon information in a way that makes it common, believable, and paradigm-shifting!

Popular Picks

Episode 1: The Pilot

The Angry Monk

The 9 Ways

An Unusual Twist to the Unusual

On this upcoming show, there are no sacred cows! Everything is up for grabs from the flat earth theory, Antartica conspiracies, encounters with the Tall Whites and Small Greys, C60, Sasquatch, the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond!

Interviews, radio theater, produced skits, and improvisation highlight the diverse planned offerings of serious topics presented through natural humor.

We're Seeking Talent!

The Cosmic Surf Shack is seeking on-air talent! Co-host applications are open. Additionally, contact us below if you wish to be a guest on the podcast!

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