Dancing The Matrix


Dancing the Matrix is the account of an adventurous businesswoman turned UFO hunter and consciousness explorer after a frightening paranormal experience. Shocked by the unexpected encounter, she begins a search for answers as her understanding of reality begins to unwind.

In the UFO world, she meets true believers, grifters, lost souls, and genuinely loving hearts operating at the boundaries of perception and reality. With them, she navigates esoteric truths and mystical events. Ultimately, she finds herself eye to eye with life from other worlds.

A CE-5 Expedition featured in the novel | Arizona 2019

Realizing spiritual talents are the key to understanding her encounters, she hopes her skills are strong enough to both recruit celestials and the ancients in her engagement against ominous entities. And she pursues the wisdom to know the difference between them.

See what happens as our heroine realizes the true power of the universe and who holds the key. 

Real-Life Events Featured in the Book

Unexplained phenomenon floating through the trees | Spring 2018

CE-5 Group Contact Event in the High California Desert | Late 2019

Early morning Game Cam capture of a hovering apparition | Winter 2022

About the Author

Linda Martuch is larger than life; smart, adventurous, courageous, determined and loves to have fun. An adventurer, she’s raced offshore sailboats, flyfished the world, and bicycled across Georgia. As an avid dog lover, Linda has trained and titled her dogs in 7 competition dog sports.

Earlier in life, she trained as an actress and worked behind the camera in television and film production. After turning her attention to business, she started and ran a successful company in the pet industry for 25 years.

Where is Linda now?

Now an explorer of consciousness, her time is spent studying remote viewing, astral travel, trance meditation, and dream journeying.

Her studies have brought her to cross paths with Dr. Greer and Tom Campbell, among others. She reads tarot and is a certified QHHT practitioner. Her first documentary film about contact and consciousness is currently in production.