‘Making Contact’ is the story of a surprising journey into the world of UFO contact and the message this contact has for the human race, revealing both a greater meaning behind the experiences and an intriguing payoff for those who find themselves at the junction of reality and the unthinkable.

Experiencers Join Us From All Walks of Life

Rey Hernandez an experiencer and the founder of the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute explains the truth hidden behind the late night headlines. Contact with Aliens and UFO’s is a uniquely spiritual gateway experience leading to higher consciousness. Rey tells his story, confirming that contact undeniably changes people forever…for the better.

Controlled Remote Viewers

Lyn Buchanan reveals startling news about the alien presence on our planet. But can he be believed? Retired from the Army’s ‘Stargate’ intelligence gathering unit Buchanan is revered by the remote viewing community. But it’s reasonable to question if an intelligence officer, even retired, is authentic. Decide for yourself. He seems so genuine but can his mind blowing revelations be the truth? Is this really happening on our planet? If what he says is true…what then?

Military Intelligence Personnel

Sgt. Clifford Stone joins us in one of his last appearances and gives us a mind-blowing farewell. We don’t understand what happened or how it happened. We only know it was a phenomenon and we’ve never seen anything like it. Caught by an observant crew member, this cinema ‘verite iPhone footage snared a paranormal experience as it developed backstage while cameras rolled on Clifford’s interview. Did Clifford cause this? Was it a grand farewell? We’ll show you the impossible and let you decide. We just hope it doesn’t overshadow the legacy of Sgt. Stone and his life-long relationship with Korona. Godspeed Clifford.

Those Eager to Initiate Contact across Realities

Linda Martuch’s transition from skeptic to mystic is a shared tale among experiencers. Starting with a single dramatic event and followed by dozens of experiences over several years she unearthed her answers at the expense of prevailing beliefs. Submerging into the paranormal and UFO worlds thinking ‘this is too crazy to believe’ in the end, she was a believer. In ‘Making Contact’ Linda’s own film, she explains it for us. In simple terms and with the clarity that comes from years of experience combined with 1000’s of hours of study in the paranormal, UFO’s, ET’s and most importantly consciousness. Linda frames the dynamic and changing map of her expanded worldview in clear language and metaphor in an attempt to prepare us all for what’s to come.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Frontline experiencers go on an extraordinary journey to understand the meaning of their contact experiences, the messages they’ve received, and the dire warnings for mankind. What forces can safeguard the planet until mankind acknowledges the truth? Will we find our power and avoid destruction?

Do individuals seeking contact with non-human intelligence endanger us by attracting attention? Are these people really ‘Making Contact’ with alien species or are they innocents living in a fantasy? The answers are both surprising and mystifying. What if these humans are receiving celestial guidance like murmurs from the ancients?

The download experience of ‘Making Contact’ is both deeply spiritual and awesomely powerful. Connecting with the power of the cosmos creates fundamental and lasting changes in the human heart and soul. The inspiration in these unearthly messages explains why the truth is being hidden.