Born On Mount Shasta

In August 2018, during an intimate CE-5 session underneath the stars, Linda joined a group of experiencers who came together to connect deeply with the universe.

Hoping to capture a moment that would express the beauty of making contact in the California wilderness, Linda voiced her request to the Milky Way above:


“Please give me a photograph that shows the beauty, the wonder and the awe of what we do. Give me a photograph that makes people want to come out under the stars…


Please give me a photograph I can give to the world!”

Request Granted

Without noticing, Linda captured a photograph which depicts a light, perhaps an entity, or craft (center left). The photo, taken at Sand Flats, depicts a cathedral of trees, the Milky Way, and an anomaly. Her request was granted, showing what’s possible with aligned intentions and an active intuition.

The initial Amarza Productions project, ‘Making Contact’, was conceived to fulfill Linda’s promise and showcase this photo to the world. The movie portrays extraterrestrial contact from the completely unique perspective of the people who do this work and function as Universal ambassadors.

Derived from Sanskrit

Taken from the ancient language of Sanskrit, Amarza translates directly to “contact” as in human contact, intimacy, closeness, and touching. Communicating the expansion of human consciousness leading to self-knowledge and intimacy is Amarza’s vision.

Portraying transformational and spiritual experiences through entertainment media is the path we walk. Manifesting enlightenment and a bright future for all Earth’s inhabitants is our hope and our dream.